Break Out Pack

This product is designed for those traders who like to trade in evening session when international data and events like (unemployment claims, crude oil inventories, Natural gas inventories etc.) released. One sided movement is expected on this kind of events and also break outs of important support and resistance occurred in the evening session.

»   Risk Type : High Risk

Characteristics of the Pack: :

»   Minimum One call in a day in any commodity.

»   Mostly calls are given in evening session after 5.00 PM. Generally at the time of important events like unemployment claims, crude oil inventories etc.

»   Minimum 30 calls in a month.

»   Calls with two targets are given with Risk Reward ratio of nearly 1.5:1.

»   This in purely Intraday package

Advantages :

»   Targets will be achieved in lesser time as volume and momentum based calls are given.

»   No need to wait hours for targets, as they can be achievable in minutes.

»   No need to watch the market full day, only evening session calls will give you huge profits.

»   Accuracy of calls is higher in comparison with other products.

Medium of Call:

»   Calls will be given only on SMS & Instant Messenger

»  India: All GSM & CDMA Networks Covered

We are :

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