The Top Biz Buzz, Q1 Profits & Stocks

Today’s market seen some big names reported their Q1 earning results. It is time to take a review on some top stocks that may lead investors to take bet on:

VIP Industries Ltd: The top luggage and travel accessories Company on Tuesday Reported its Q1 net profit scaled up at Rs.35-cr for the period ended June 30, 2019, up 36pc v/s Rs.25.28-cr, Year-on-year (YoY).

During mid-session afternoon, at around 3pm, the shares of VIP Industries stood at Rs.394.95, up by 8.38pc from its previous closing price of Rs364.50 on the NSE

Piramal Enterprises Ltd: The company reported its net profit arrived at Rs.450-crore for the quarter ended June2019 as against f Rs.69.8-cr, YoY.

The stock currently trades at Rs1804.50 up by 0.81pc from previous close of Rs17990 on the NSE.

Bank of India: The Bank reported its Profit after tax for the quarter ending June-2019 doubled over its year-ago profit.The profit higher by 154pc at Rs.242.6-cr as against Rs 95.1-Cr, YoY.

In spite of strong profit, the Bank of India’s stock trade lower at Rs70/- down 7.33pc from previous closing on the NSE.

Strides Pharma Science Ltd: The Pharma company on Monday posted a net profit at Rs.3.7-Cr in Q1FY20 Vs a loss of Rs4.3-Cr, YoY.

The stock currently trades at Rs372.45 up y 5.58pc from its previous closed of Rs3562.75 on the NSE, at the time of this writing report.

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