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How the 12th Passed farmer made 1.7 crores in the stock market


After placing the first five interviews of some of our top trader, I found 12th pass farmer “Kishan”, he is a successful trader in the world of stock trading today. He had passed out of 12th class from a small town of Surat, he did not have fancy equipment or resources, but he still managed to exceed 300% with active F & O trading. For many years, F & 0 has actively run in crores for many years by doing trading with the expert advice of Money Maker Research and Investment Advisory Pvt. Ltd. He had to use a translator because he speaks only one language which is Gujarati. Their name is Kishan.

Name: Kishan Patel Age: 35 years

Making a Farming to full-time trading. How did this happen?

I was cultivating my farm at the beginning of 2000, in the grain market (Anaaj Mandi) people talked about commodity trading and used to tell about profits. Without any knowledge of mine and capital market, I left my farming to become a full-time commodity trader. By 2008, my business was only in commodity and when I started working in 2010, I started doing Equity and F & O. I am thankful to the God that I took the risk by closing my farming, he did a good job for me.

How much money did you start with?

After all, this started, it started with about Rs.500 and today whatever I made today is out of that Rs.500. Over a period of 10 years, I have also benefited from trading and have invested in commodity and equity, and that trade has done a great deal.

Why writing mostly choices?

I think the options trading give high flexibility, and the shoring options naturally improve the winning barriers, unless you cover the risk management policy as wrong because the loss writing options can be unlimited. Before 2010, there was a lot of opportunities to profit from trading options.

What are your risk management policy/money management rules?

At the time I started the business, there was no major loss to me and you would be surprised to know that I do not really have a risk management policy. I had the experience of Money Maker Research team, they explained to me the risk management policy/money management rules, and from time to time I used stop loss according to the market.

So what about the trading plan, how to make you enter or exit?

It is based on support and resistance, I look forward to the market with a lot of patience to show a boundary and when it is displayed, I start writing options which, if the market lies within the boundary then the profit will happen. Most of these trades are usually hedged because I shorten the call and at the same time so that I can benefit from both calls and if I am in range, then I am putting premiums on losing my value.

How do you determine this support and resistance in the chart?

I do not follow any technical analysis or look at any chart. To be very honest I do not even know how to use the computer properly. But in all the years I have been actively doing business, I have spent countless hours looking at the terminal on how to push the prices of Nifty. If the market is doing business then I see on screen whether I am in business or not. I have a best way of calculating resistance and support by viewing and analyzing the value and quantity, which provide by experts of Money Maker Research. I do not need to see the charts for this, just a deep window (snap quote window) is enough.

Do you know what you are saying like “reading tape or reading tape”?

As I said earlier, have studied only till the 12th, do not browse the Internet, have never followed the tips, belief in stop loss, I am able to see the symptoms of Nifty and guess whether It will be in a range or breakout.

No stop loss? So how do you get out of profits or loss?

It is based on how I feel about my business, how the market is moving forward. I really do not have exit points and I have several times on average