Stock To Watch Out On Thursday, 5-Sept

Stock to watch out on Thursday, 5th September include BEML, Vascon Engineers and GE T&D India Ltd, based on their latest company prospects:

BEML Ltd:  The Company announced sell off its shareholding of 96.56pc in Vignyan Industries Ltd (VIL), which is a subsidiary of BEML.

BEML stock closed at Rs.793-per share on Wednesday, up by 3.54pc from its previous closing on the NSE.

Vascon Engineers Ltd: The Company has awarded Tender from Maharashtra State Police Housing&Welfare Corp for Construction of Staff Quarters in Mumbai amounting to Rs.465-Cr.

Vascon Engineers stock, on Wednesday, closed at Rs.12.15-per share, up by 17.39%pc from its previous closing, on the NSE.

GE T&D India Ltd: The Company secured order worth Rs.90-Cr for West Bengal Grid. 

GE T&D India stock, closed at Rs.153-per share, on Wednesday, up by 1.93%pc from its previous closing, on the NSE.

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