Stock Tips

The Stock market is the market place where stocks process for buying and selling, this process is known as “stock trading” on the stock exchange, stocks are also known as Equity, it is partial ownership that the company provides to us for making funds from the public. Stock issues on many forms it depends on company needs. The role of the stock market is very big in any country’s GDP performance.

Stock Market

It is a kind of investment, where you can earn good returns if you have good knowledge and basic information about share market. In India, most of the people do not have proper information, they always have Misconception about share market, as like it is the wrong place where the trade will be Bankrupt or lost all their saving, but this is not the correct thing. This is the place where you get an investment option to make earn profits with good Stock Tips, but you have to need proper information and guidance about how to invest, so here we are showing some basic information’s that would be helpful to those, who want to invest in this market.

Most of the people know share market in a different name like “Stock Market” or “Equity Market”, share means a part of the company. We take an example, suppose a company releases their shares in the market, if a person buys a stock of a company, the same is the owner of the share of that company. Suppose if a person brought 40000 shares out of 1 Lacs share, so their owners will be 40% in the company.

Stocks show the ownership of the company, and a person can sell their stocks to other or buys from the others. All the stocks prices listed in the exchanges like BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) or NSE (National Stock Exchange) accordingly to the company’s performance, this value can be low or high depends on the ability of the company’s profits. SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) controls the whole stock market

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