Stock Rise: Britannia soars 5-pc, among Nifty Gainers


The share price of Britannia humped 5% intraday high at Rs.3,299-per share after the company reacted its latest quarterly results which was posted market hours on Monday.

As reported, the biscuit makers consolidated net profit advanced to Rs.402.7-3cr for the quarter ended Sept-30, 2019. Last year the company had posted a net profit of Rs.303.03-cr.

Comparing to a year-on-year earning performance, the net sales of the company went up 5.88-pc to Rs.3022.91-cr, during the qrt. under review with regard to Rs.2,854.81-Cr.Stock Tips and Free stock Tips visit our website.

The company reportedly underwent medium level inflation in the prices of important raw materials for the bakery biz, however, the sharp rise in milk prices impacted the dairy business.

At 11:50 hours, the shares of Britannia Industries were trading at Rs3,248 up by Rs.128.65 or 4.12% from its previous closing of Rs.3,119.50 on the NSE.

In comparison, the Nifty scaled at 11908.80, down 5 points and the Sensex stood flat at 40343.66, down 1.42 points. Britannia Industries is the top leading stock both on NSE and BSE.

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