Market is volatile, Advice for stocks

share market advice

share market adviceDue to increasing Crude Oil prices, and weakness in Rupee, Market is looking volatile. This slump is good to make a long-term portfolio. In this situation Investors should have to invest a little bit in each decline, it is not advisable to be very aggressive. Investors should have to keep eye on IT and Pharma sectors also.

Initial hike of INR has been lost. INR is on its record lower level, amid of this, Gold and Silver got the support of sluggish rupee. However Silver touched the 32 months lower level in the Global market yesterday, and today it is slightly recovered. In the domestic market, it is trending 14 months lower level. The China-US trade war is creating pressure on Base Metals. In China Copper and Zinc are trading at a lower level, while in the Domestic market all Base Metals are trending high due to weak INR.

Advice for Stocks

Buy TECHM above 768 for 2-3 days TGT 810.

Buy Sunpharma above 658 for 2-3 days TGT 690.

Crude Oil TipsĀ 

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