09 Sept Stock Tips- Top Ten most valued companies that emerge in market Capitalization

Money Maker Research, Top 10 companies, Best Stock Advisory in India, Market CapOut of 10 most valued Indian companies, seven companies together gained Rs 63,443.82 crore in market capitalization (M-cap) last week, with Reliance leading the pack with the maximum rise.

HDFC, Maruti Suzuki India, and HDFC Bank, suffered losses in their m-cap for the week ended Friday and the rest are witnessed rise that includes ITC, TCS and Hindustan Unilever Limited.

The m-cap of Reliance zoomed Rs 34,639.06 crore to Rs 5,29,939.56 crore, rising as the biggest gainer among the top-10 companies.

ITC’s market valuation soared Rs. 9,503.24 crore to Rs. 3,24,145.91 crore and that of Hindustan Unilever Limited jumped Rs 6,569.19 crore to Rs 2,60,927.89 crore.

The Infosys capitalization advanced by Rs 4,754.76 crore to Rs 2,11,196.60 crore and that of ONGC rose up by Rs 3,914.14 crore to Rs 2,22,913.30 crore.

SBI’s market valuation surged by Rs 2,503.29 crore to Rs 2,21,541.57 crore and that of Tata Consultancy Services gained Rs 1,560.14 crore to Rs 4,68,072.03 crore, whereas  Maruti suffered a loss of Rs 1,912.16 crore to Rs 2,38,940.80 crore from its market capitalization.

HDFC Bank’s valuation dipped Rs 969 crore to Rs 4,64,938.51 crore and that of HDFC slipped Rs 111.65 crore to Rs 2,77,546.49 crore.

Reliance topped the list of top-ten companies followed by TCS, HDFC Bank, ITC, HDFC, HUL, Maruti, ONGC, SBI, and Infosys.