Moneymaker alert mcx & ncdex commodity tips and updates

Gold and silver have increased in the fall. MCX gold below the level of 26 500 had touched Rs. While silver is down to Rs 36,000.

Intraday Resistance of GOLD are 26837.2 : 27031.7 : 26848.2
Intraday Support of GOLD are 26368.8 : 26174.3 : 26358.9

Metals fall early in the session is over. MCX Copper around Rs 420 with a gain of 0.5 per cent is reached. Aluminium 0.3 per cent, 0.7% zinc and lead has dropped 0.3 per cent. While 1.2% nickel has risen above Rs 980 with a giant leap.

Ncdex market traded down side on Friday , After last week’s sharp decline in gram today. NCDEX chana prices slipped by Rs 3,100 in early trading today but is now strong light. In the soybean business is extremely sluggish today. But Castor seed prices have gone beyond Rs 4,800.