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Gold prices in the commodity market has dropped to a low of 2 weeks. The MCX is trading with a loss of Rs 100. MCX gold price has come down to Rs 28,300. MCX silver prices have fallen to above Rs 400. MCX silver has come down to Rs 42000. In fact, last week Speedier holding some 950 tonnes of gold declined.

Is also seeing a decline in base metals. Nearly all metals including copper on MCX are trading down 0.5 per cent. Nickel also dominates selling. Copper prices fell 0.3% to Rs 406. Aluminum slipped 0.4% , then dropped 0.5% nickel is trading below Rs 1080. 0.6% to 0.5% lead and zinc recorded.

Crude oil is sluggish. MCX crude oil is trading at Rs 6260 slipped 0.1 percent. While natural gas prices rose 0.6 per cent to close at Rs 290. 

Mcx gold sell 28350 target 28420/ 28470/28520 stoploss 28450

Mcx copper sell 409 target 404/402/400 stoploss 412