MCx gold silver volatile today| base metal showing mixed color

Gold prices declined below $1200 on Tuesday morning, and expected to +6 month US market gold trading around 1197.80 up by 0.7% while at Mcx gold prices open upside at 28383 but week trend force it down to made an intraday low of 28282. Indian currency trading positive at 61.87 against US dollar, give some red shine to bullion prices while some positive correction hopes in evening session. Gold prices get some swing above 28350 while if gold break a level of 28265 then sell on high for short term.

 Base metal at Mcx are trading with a mixed color . Today Mcx zinc gain 0.76% to 128.65 and expected more increment in today session. However if we look aluminum and lead both the metal shows some correction at Mcx, lead gain 0.92% to 137.75. today nickel prices trading volatile on Tuesday morning at Mcx open at 885.10 on long side it made a intraday high of 889.70 while in downside touch a low of 876.

BUY GOLD FEB below 28350 tgt 28200/ 28150/ 28000 SL 28450

BUY SILVER MAR ABOVE 43850 TGT 43420/ 43500/ 43600 SL 43700