hni-servicesHigh Net-worth Individual (HNI) is a class of individuals who are distinguished from other retail sector based on their net wealth and assets. They are being categorized by the financial services institutions as investors with a high net investment volume. HNI traders and Brokers are in high demand by the private wealth managers. The more capital an individual has, the greater work it takes to preserve those assets. Simultaneously, these traders require distinctive management services, personalized stock market tips and advices, because they are investing colossal amount.

Investment banks, commercial banks, Private banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, brokerages cater to High Net-worth Individuals by providing wealth management services. HNIs should manage their wealth portfolio by working on parameters that include capital protection, investments, tax planning, credit, inheritance planning and so on.

We at Money Maker Research offer personalized intraday future tips Nifty Future tips, and Intraday stocks future calls for HNI investors helping them safe their assets and book profits at the NSE stock exchange.