12 feb Mcx market latest updates| Base metal outlook

On Wednesday commodity market started bearish with negative zone gold and silver both opened down side. Mcx gold remains bullish for the time being tested 29000 level followed by 29046 level. Mcx silver prices have for intraday resistance at 45363-46273 in Mcx march contract and failure side support will be 44314-44265.After showing a positive session silver again going to down side trading at 44670 down 16 or -0.04%.

BASE METAL- All base metal on MCX traded on a bullish side with high gains.Natural gas gains high in this month increased around +4.33% at 308.70. MCX crude oil up 0.50% at 6246 from its close 6215 it made a intarday high of 6253 and a intraday low of 6232. other metal like aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, nickel trading near to 0.40%- 1% .

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